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Claxon Design Co. is a boutique design and development shop led by Adam Claxon in Fort Myers, FL. We create brand identities and websites, focusing on small businesses, non-profits, and charities.


From design to implementation,
great work is simple work.

Simplicity ensures that everything has purpose, and the final product is exactly what it needs to be. Simple design is clear, direct, and timeless; simple development eschews bloated software and complex interfaces, making managing your content easy, with systems that grow and scale with you and your company.


Strong designs are built on
strong foundations.


Businesses thrive through understanding their audience and themselves. Research allow us to expand that understanding, making sure the final product represents your values and speaks to your audience.


Well-defined goals allow us to design and iterate confidently, then test and refine our solution, whether you’re looking to expand your audience, refine your brand, or simply increase signups.


Collaboration allows small shops and freelancers to offer a greater range of services to our clients. The strength of small shops is their ability to work together. If you’re a local designer, contact me.

Ethics & Priorities

Some things are more important
than money.


I support non-profit organizations and charities and offer them reduced rates, including a few pro-bono days a month for design and consulting. If you represent a non-profit or charitable organization, contact me for more information.

Social Responsibility

I support civil rights and will not work with companies or organizations who engage in, promote, or profit from actions or speech that harms or discriminates against marginalized communities.


I work to ensure truthfulness in communication and message, and I don’t work with companies whose messaging is dishonest or misleading.

VC Funding

I hesitate to work with funded startups. It’s nothing personal, I just think projects go better when it’s your own, hard-earned cash on the line.

Let's build something great.

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